Frequently Asked Questions

How are you assigning lottery numbers?

We created an algorithm which generates all lottery numbers by index. We are storing the index for each lottery and mathematically change each index to choose the next sequence of numbers.

Do you know all the lottery numbers people are playing?

No, we only know what lottery numbers were chosen from our pool of numbers. There is no guarantee that people will even play the numbers chosen. We do not have visibility to played numbers for any of the lotteries.

Will you be assigning duplicate sequences of lottery numbers?

We are assigning unique sequences from each of our pools. However once the pool is exhausted, we reset the counter and start from the beginning. Some of the bigger lotteries have very large pools of numbers to choose from so it is very likely we will never run out of numbers for those pools.

What will happen if the lottery changes their format?

We will change our format as well. This would reset the pool for that lottery because the assignment of numbers is based on the total number of combinations.

Are you assigning numbers sequentially?

We are not assigning number sequentially but rather systematically. We are storing an index for all the lottery numbers in the pool. When we assign the next sequence of lottery numbers we mathematically compute the next index and display the lottery numbers at that index.

If I play your numbers, will I be the only one?

You will be the only one who received our sequence of numbers from our pool (unless there was a pool reset). However, there is no guarantee that you are the only one playing our chosen lottery numbers for the lottery. The numbers chosen from our pool could be someone's favorite number that they have been playing for years. The lottery numbers we have chosen could be a random selection provided by the lottery itself or a selection from another source.

Do your numbers give me a better chance at winning?

Individually, no. They are just like any other numbers with your normal odds of winning. Collectively, there is a higher chance of winning because our numbers are chosen systematically from our pools. The more players who play chosen number selections, the better the odds get. See the Why page for a demo of what we are trying to achieve.

What would happen if everyone played your numbers?

Hypothetically, if everyone chose numbers from our pool and played those numbers, there would be a greater possibility that there would be a major winner from all the players.

Will you be assigning numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6?

Yes, but only once per pool until all lottery sequences of numbers are exhausted. Once the pool is exhausted, the index resets. Each sequence of lottery numbers is only assigned once between pool resets.

I don't like the numbers you assigned.

No problem, just refresh your page and some new numbers will get displayed. However the sequence you did not choose has the same likelihood of winning as the newly refreshed numbers.

What is an API?

An API is an acronym for Application Programming Interface. This allows for other applications or agencies to tied into our numbers and pull numbers into their programs.

Your logo looks familiar. Do I know you?

We have a sister site called That site has all the draws for various lotteries.