About Chosennumbers.com

Here at chosennumbers.com we are providing a unique method of assigning lottery numbers.

Not random, but systematically choosing the next sequence of numbers from our pools of available numbers.

According to our research, we are the only website using this approach.

We hope that you agree with this unique method and choose our numbers when playing the lottery.

It is the ultimate quick pick tool for lotteries.

We are not liable for any numbers played. Please view our general disclaimer for more information.


Our Sister Site

We also run lottodatabase.com if you are interested more about the popular lotteries in the US and Canada.

Albert Paul

I'm Albert Paul. I am a computer geek and programmer.

I have been running various websites since 2009 and have been running lottodatabase.com since 2014.

I have been playing lotteries since 1982 when Lotto649 first came to Canada.

I enjoy programming and as a programmer, I have the knowledge and skill set to create custom computer simulations for lottery draws which allows me to make some case studies on random numbers.

I built chosennumbers.com because I realized that choosing random selections of numbers for a lottery are not for the benefit of the players, but for the lottery.

The odds of winning a lottery are slim, but it gets even slimmer if one chooses random numbers.

Chosennumbers.com was built to collectively give the players of lotteries a better chance by being a master of record for systematically chosen numbers.

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