Chosen Numbers - A Lottery System?

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Chosen Numbers Lottery System

Is our Chosen Numbers approach of choosing lottery numbers a lottery system???

That is a very good question.

The answer is no.

Lottery systems make use of certain information from previous draws.

They would use frequencies of numbers played and map "best" and "worst" numbers from this data.

These sequences chosen by these systems are perceived as being the most likely numbers which could show up for the next draw.

Does this technique actually work?


With lotteries, there is no co-relation between numbers previously drawn and future draws.

Lotteries choose their numbers randomly, so there is no rind or reason to create a lottery system because frankly, lottery systems do not work.

Each draw is independent of previous draws because of the randomness of the numbers drawn.

One cannot predict the random sequences of a lottery.

But What About Chosen Numbers?

Chosen Numbers is not a system but rather an approached to eliminate duplicate sequences.

Removing duplicate sequences mean that there are more chances of winning because more unique sequences are played.

The more unique sequences played, the greater the chances of a winner being chosen.

It is a proactive, strategic approach.

We do not look at how the lottery performed in the past.

We do however keep track of the sequences which players are being provided from our pools of numbers.

Collectively, the more people who play chosen number sequences, the higher number of unique plays, so the higher probability that there will be winners from our selections.

Just run the why simulator to see first-hand how systematic selections are better than random selections.

People who chose quick picks would be the random red dice.

People who play chosen number sequences would be the green dice.

If 6 people played this mini lottery, there is a guaranteed winner on the green dice.

Not so on the red dice.

Is the chosen numbers method a "lottery system"?

I guess it all depends on what the definition of a lottery system would be.

If a lottery system is a technique to predict lottery numbers, then no, we are not a lottery system.

But if a lottery system is a technique to better the odds at winning, then yes, we are a lottery system.

You choose.

Or better yet, let us choose...your lottery numbers that is.