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Chosen Numbers Logo

We have Launched.

Happy leapday of 2024.

We are performing a soft launch of our website.

We purchased the domain on February 3, 2024.

Prior to the domain purchase, we came up with the logic of indexing lotteries and thought, This is a GREAT idea!

At soft launch, we have a total of 28 lotteries across the US and Canada.

We have 17 lotteries in the US and 11 in Canada making sure we have the national lotteries covered.

We created the logo with a similar look to our sister website, which has all the draws of the same lotteries we have listed here.

The initial thought was to include the chosen numbers philosophy at but realized that this concept is bigger, and required its own website.

If you look at our Why page, it only make sense to play lotteries this way.