The Ultimate Lottery Quickpick Tool

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Chosen Numbers Ultimate Quick Pick Tool

What If?

What if lotteries choose quick picks from pools of numbers which haven't already been picked by someone?

What would this mean for a lottery?

What would this mean for players?

The lotteries would need to keep track of all the numbers which have already been played.

They would then need to choose an unpicked sequence when someone asks for a quick pick.

The end result, there would be more unique combinations played each draw because there would not be any duplicates.

Because more number sequences are played, jackpots would not roll over as frequently because there would be more winners every draw.

Note: There could still be duplicates however because players would still play their own favorite numbers.

Chosen Numbers is the Ultimate Lottery Quickpick Tool


Lotteries do not provide quick picks as described above.

Lotteries choose quick picks via a random number generator.

Because lotteries choose their quick picks using random numbers, they will be introducing duplicates and non-unique sequences.

This is where we come in.

This is the niche that Chosen Numbers is attempting to fill in.

We are keeping track of number sequences chosen from our pools.

No duplicates (until there is a pool reset).

Unique sequences.

The more people who play numbers chosen from our website, the closer we would come to the "What If".

Our method is built for players, not the lotteries.

Play Chosen Numbers selections when you play the lotteries.

Collectively, it is giving players an advantage because more unique combinations are played.

If you are going to play the lottery using quick picks, use the ultimate quickpick tool by having our website choose your numbers.

Freeplay Winners with Chosen Numbers

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Chosen Numbers 2024-05-05

We have been playing lottery numbers for over 40 years.

Question: Do we have choose our lottery selections when we play?

Answer: Absolutely. We are now.


First off, we too would like to be one of the fortunate few to win a lottery.

Who wouldn't?

That's why we play the lotteries.

Secondly, since we are playing, we need to decide on numbers to play.

We summarized the various methods people choose lottery numbers in our "How Should Players Choose Their Lottery Numbers" article.

And we have chosen the quick picks assigned by chosen numbers method.

For Lotto MAX in Canada, we only play when there are Maximillions.

There are more big prizes when Maximillions are in play.

In the past, we used to play quickpicks.

We are now having choose our lottery numbers.

Not only is it choosing our numbers, we have already won twice.

Both times free play winners, but still, it has proven that the numbers provided by can win.

The first time we didn't have any proof.

With my second win, we did a screen shot before and after the draw.

Chosen Numbers Winner 2024-05-07

Since I play online through, it is really easy to transcribe the lottery selections from website to when I purchase a ticket.

It is just that easy.

Give Chosen Numbers a try.

Note: Let us know in our >contact form how you did with your lottery selections.